Canapes Catering in Singapore

Searching for exquisite canapés buffet catering for your event? Look no further – Orange Clove offers some of the finest small bite delicacies around!

Cocktail Canapés and Finger Food Catering

Canapes Catering Menu

At Orange Clove, we specialize in fine canapé catering that sets the gold standard for event dining. Our culinary team crafts bite-sized masterpieces, each embodying a creative fusion of flavors that captivate the palate. Perfect for cocktail parties or corporate events, our canapés not only delight guests with their taste but also with their intricate presentation. Elevate your next event with our curated canapé selections.

Finger Food Catering Menu

Experience convenience and flavor with our finger food catering services. Designed for easy consumption without the need for cutlery, our finger foods are the ideal choice for events that encourage mingling and networking. From crispy spring rolls to gourmet sliders, each item is meticulously prepared to ensure maximum flavor in every bite. Let us redefine casual dining for you, making your events memorable with our delectable range of finger foods.

High Tea Catering Menu

Pamper your guests to a timely break that soothes their body with our High Tea catering. Our high tea menus are a blend of classic and contemporary flavors, featuring an array of delicate pastries and local delights. Whether you’re hosting a bridal shower or a business meeting, our high tea offerings is able to serve an experience of luxury or instant gratification, making every moment truly enjoyable.