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Lite Continental

$10.50 Per Guest | 6 item limit

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Healthy Bircher Muesli

Petite Butter Croissant

Assorted Danish Pastries

Pancake w/ Maple Syrup

Tropical Fresh Fruits Platter

Orange Juice (Packet)


Pick Me Up Coffee (8-10 Pax)

$18.80 Per Set

Pick Me Up Tea (8-10 Pax)

$18.80 Per Set

Bottled Water (300ML)

$0.80 Per Bottle

300ML Bottled Water (Carton

$16.00 Per Carton

Packet Orange Juice

$1.20 Per Packet

Packet Apple Juice

$1.20 Per Packet

Assorted Packet Drinks

$1.00 Per Packet


Chinese Vegetarian Bento w/ Dessert Of The Day

$12.00 Per Set

Indian Vegetarian Bento w/ Dessert Of The Day

$15.00 Per Set

Egg Mayonnaise Finger Sandwiches (20PCS)

$24.00 Per Set

Tuna Mayonnaise Finger Sandwiches (20PCS)

$24.00 Per Set

Chicken Ham Finger Sandwich (20PCS)

$24.00 Per Set

Vegetarian Finger Sandwiches (20PCS)

$24.00 Per Set

Caesar Salad w/ Condiments (20Pax)

$38.00 Per Set

Potato Salad w/ Condiments (20Pax)

$38.00 Per Set

Fusili Pasta Salad (15Pax)

$38.80 Per Set

Mini Chicken Pie (20PCS)

$26.00 Per Set

Mini Mushroom Pie (20PCS)

$26.00 Per Set

Mini Curry Puff (20PCS)

$20.00 Per Set

Steamed Siew Mai (30PCS)

$30.00 Per Set

Steamed Har Kau (30PCS)

$30.00 Per Set

Steamed Mini Soon Kueh (30PCS)

$30.00 Per Set

Mini Apple Strudel (30 PCS)

$45.00 Per Set

Mini Diamond Custard (20PCS)

$24.00 Per Set

Assorted Petite Muffin (20PCS)

$24.00 Per Set

Assorted Mini Swiss Roll (30 PCS)

$30.00 Per Set

Mini Chocolate Eclair (30 PCS)

$30.00 Per Set

Founder's Chicken Curry Bomb

$18.80 Per Piece

Rainbow Family Kueh Platter (32PCS)

$32.80 Per Set

Rainbow Petite Kueh Platter (24PCS)

$24.80 Per Set


Disposable Table Sheets (PER PCS)

$1.00 per item

Additional Disposable Cutleries Sets (20PCS)

$15.00 per item