Our Creations

14 illustrious years and Orange Clove has gone beyond the boundaries of buffet catering, to create many memorable innovations.
Have you ever attended an Orange Clove event? If you have, you would have known the distinctive difference we deliver.
Here’s a look at the innovations which mark our milestones over the years:

2021: Exquisite Gift Sets for Christmas Celebrations

2020: Launch of Lumière- Our One of a Kind Gift Set for Christmas

2020: Launch of Discovery Box

2019: Christmas Collaboration with Singapore Chefs Association

2019: Launch of Sophie the World's 1st Robotic Noodle Chef

Orange Clove Catering_Order in Progress

2018: Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation

2017: A Christmas Full of Life with Chef Eric Low

Aurora Dessert Bar

2017: Aurora Dessert Bar

Complete Event Solutions

2016: Establishment of One-Stop Event Solutions

SG50 Heritage Live Stations

2015: SG50 Heritage Live Stations

The Moving Connoisseur

2015: The Moving Connoisseur- Singapore's 1st Portable Conveyor Belt