Orange Clove, Culinary Arts, and the Journey Ahead

In 2008, Orange Clove was set up with a mission to deliver restaurant-quality cuisine to our customers.
Since then, we have evolved significantly in our offerings over the years, going beyond catering to offer end-to-end event solutions- all while staying true to our origins.

Delivering Quality Cuisine is Our 1st Love, and It Will Always Be.

This is our promise to you, and the reason why we continue to reinvent ourselves.
Our team of Chefs is always developing new recipes to keep our menus fresh and exciting. From refreshing salads to main courses with a unique Asian touch and soul searching desserts- there is a dish for every palate.
At Orange Clove, we understand that every event is unique, hence, we offer a wide variety of menus, customised to each event type.

International Cuisine with an Asian Flair

A Dish For Every Palate

Food is Edible Art.

From time to time, we like to challenge the norm and extend our arms beyond the catering horizon. In 2019, our trendsetting collaboration with the Singapore Chefs Association left a deep impression on many for the bold tasting flavours and aesthetically pleasing presentation.
Journey on with us as we colour your plate with brushes of memorable flavours.

Quō vādis, Orange Clove?

What lies ahead is an adventure for us to uncover. We are not sure how it will unfold but it certainly does look palatable.