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Birth of Singapore’s Award-winning Corporate Caterer

Filling the market gap for exquisite gastronomic fares with a sense of corporate acumen, Orange Clove was born in year 2008 and has since become one of the most recognised corporate caterers in Singapore.

Orange Clove focuses on providing cross-cultural style fusing Asian and International dishes with creative interpretation. Transcending national boundaries and cultures, the humble orange has endeared itself globally - much like the internationally popular dishes that we have handpicked for our menus.

Staying true to its new customer-centric slogan, “We Make You A Hero”, Orange Clove promises to make you look good by swooning your esteemed guests at your important events. Understanding the need to impress, Orange Clove houses wedding and event management arms to provide holistic solutions to meet different event needs.

The orange, a citrus fruit, is characterised by its freshness. This is also a quality that we want to be associated with, as we use only the freshest ingredients for our dishes. The clove, on the other hand, is a spice native to Indonesia but used worldwide. It represents our Asian-ness, in our re-interpretation of some of the international cuisines on our menu as well as our warm service. And just like the clove that spices up dishes, so does Orange Clove add tang to events with our delectable fare and unique presentation styles.


To be the most trusted professional catering brand that inspires customers' experiences.


We are committed to impress with innovative cuisine, stylish presentation and a personal approach to service while setting the trends with fresh creativity.



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