Catering in the New Norm

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  • Can we order buffet with setup now?

In accordance with the latest Circular on Requirements for Self-service Buffets and Food Safety Practices on 29th April 2022 released by Singapore Food Agency, self-service buffet lines are allowed from 30th April 2022. 

Here are the guidelines to comply with the resumption of self-served buffet lines:

  • Appropriate hand hygiene practices must be observed. Hand sanitisers (containing at least 60% alcohol) OR disposable gloves will be provided at the starting points of the buffet line(s).
  • Patrons must use serving cutlery to pick up food at all times.
  • Clean plates must be used for each visit to the food line.
  • Mask wearing continues to be required in indoor settings, including F&B establishments. Guests should put on their masks as soon as they have finished eating or drinking


  • What if I would like to take extra precautions?

Yes, you can engage service staff from us at the following rate:

  • $100/staff* (maximum 4 hours) – Minimum of 2 staff required for every engagement

Optional add-on of Acrylic shield is chargeable at $200*/buffet line. However, due to varying event nature, kindly seek advice from our Catering Consultants to determine the recommended number of service staff at your event.


  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests we can cater for?

Please refer to each menu for the minimum number of guests applicable. Kindly note that Regular Buffet Packages require a minimum order of 30 guests. There is no limit to the maximum number of guests as of the advisory issued on 29th April 2022.


  • Can we arrange our own staff to serve?

Yes, it is possible. However, you will have to ensure that your own staff is manning the buffet lines at all times as self-service buffet lines is strictly disallowed. Please refer to Question 1 for the list of guidelines to adhere to.


  • Can you waive my delivery charge(s)?

Our industry is not spared from the rising petrol and manpower costs experienced worldwide. Hence, we seek your understanding that we are unable to provide free deliveries.


*Prices quoted are subjected to prevailing 7% GST


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