Professional Live Station Catering

Impress your guests with a dining experience they won’t forget! Elevate your event with Live Station Catering, where delicious cuisine meets interactive entertainment. Watch in awe as our skilled chefs prepare gourmet dishes right before your eyes. Treat your guests to a feast for the senses and create unforgettable memories with our unique live station buffet service.

Live Stations Theme

Live Stations

Elevate your Guests’ experience with an insta-worthy Donut Decorator Bar which gets your creative knacks going, and entertains your sense. Fancy a spread of local delicacy for your guests, our heritage-themed live stations will impress them with a delicious lineup of Hainanese Chicken Rice, Bibik’s Kueh Pie Tee and Assorted Teochew Kueh. The possibilities are limitless. Simply discuss your ideal event with us and let us deliver the magic through engaging live stations!