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While canapes may sometimes be overlooked in food catering, they play a crucial role in setting the tone for whetting appetites at your function. Whether you’re looking at catering for a corporate event, a wedding reception, or a laid-back social gathering, these first bites can truly elevate the entire experience. But how do you ensure your culinary offerings leave a lasting impression on both the palate and the eyes? In this article, we’ll share some mouthwatering starters that can turn your next event into a gastronomic delight, and introduce you to reliable catering companies in Singapore who can assist you in realising your culinary dreams! 


Italian Pizzas

Pizza, an iconic favourite, is a versatile starter option that appeals to guests of all ages and tastes. Its popularity lies in its ability to be customised to suit a variety of preferences, from traditional cheese and pepperoni to gourmet combinations like arugula and barbecue chicken.

But why stop there? Take your guests’ dining experience to new heights by introducing a made-to-order live pizza station! This interactive addition will not only satisfy cravings but also spark conversation among attendees, making it a crowd-pleasing choice for any occasion. This option is commonly offered by caterers as well, adding an extra layer of convenience and excitement to your event.

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Stuffed mushroom caps

Luxury Delicious Appetizer Serving

Stuffed mushroom caps offer a sophisticated and flavourful option for your event’s starters. These bite-sized treats not only tantalise the taste buds but also add visual appeal, which is why they’re perfect for canapes catering at parties, weddings, and social gatherings. Moreover, the versatility of stuffed mushroom caps allows for a wide range of filling options, from creamy cheese and herbs to savoury sausage or seafood. 

To enhance the presentation further, consider a butler service for your event. Think elegantly dressed servers presenting trays of freshly prepared culinary delights straight from the kitchen. Such meticulous attention to detail guarantees that each guest receives personalised service and a sample of culinary excellence.

Dim sum

Variety of Chinese Dim Sum In Bamboo Steamers

For those who prefer Asian cuisine, dim sum offers an array of exquisite flavours and textures that are sure to impress. From shrimp dumplings to fluffy buns, these bite-sized delights allow guests to enjoy a diverse selection without feeling overstuffed. Ideal for weddings, corporate events, and festive celebrations, dim sum will surely bring a warm and cosy touch to any occasion.

Top 4 Catering Companies With Exceptional Starters

Orange Clove

Renowned for their innovative approach to catering, Orange Clove is a Halal catering company that excels in cocktail reception menus that are both visually stunning and incredibly flavourful. Their diverse menu features gourmet options with an emphasis on quality ingredients and attention to detail, guaranteeing a memorable dining experience for your event. Additionally, Orange Clove goes the extra mile by providing butler services, adding a touch of elegance and convenience to your occasion.


For those seeking Halal options, Deli Hub is another caterer that practises a strong commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can indulge in their delicious offerings with peace of mind. Moreover, Deli Hub is also dedicated to environmentally-friendly initiatives, providing culinary delights that can be enjoyed sustainably.


Lavish Catering stands out for being associated with sophistication and refinement, offering starters that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. For events where Halal options are a priority, Lavish Catering goes above and beyond, providing a curated selection of gourmet starters that recreate the fine dining experience while accommodating diverse dietary needs.

Chilli Api 

Chilli Api is known for its bold Peranakan flavours, combining traditional Asian cuisine with modern culinary techniques. Their starters showcase a unique blend of spices and ingredients, creating dishes that are both rich and flavourful. 

When it comes to catering starters, the possibilities are endless. By partnering with reputable catering companies, you can rest assured that every detail will be taken care of, allowing you to relax and enjoy the occasion, knowing that your guests will be well taken care of!

Looking to elevate your next function with delectable starters? Contact Orange Clove today, your trusted food caterer to book a memorable catering experience that all your attendees will be sure to relish!