Catering Food in a Corporate Event

Corporate catering for events in Singapore are often grand affairs, filled with lavish spreads and extravagant meals. However, this also poses a common problem: food waste. According to the World Food Programme, one-third of all food produced globally goes to waste, and events contribute significantly to this issue. Thankfully, there are practical steps organisers can take to minimise food waste and do their part to save the Earth, all without compromising the quality or enjoyment of their corporate events! Interested to find out more? Read on for effective tips on how you can tackle this issue head-on at your next corporate gathering!

Review attendance from past events

Ever found yourself in the midst of planning an event and can’t help but wonder if you’ve ordered too much or too little food? That’s where attendance figures from past events can come in handy; they serve as a reference when planning your gatherings! By analysing this data, organisers can gain valuable insights into attendance patterns, enabling them to make informed decisions when catering for future events. 

For example, if previous events consistently experienced lower turnout than expected, it might be prudent to scale down food quantities for the next occasion. Conversely, for events known to draw larger crowds, organisers can adjust their food catering orders accordingly to ensure sufficient food without excess. This approach not only reduces food waste but also helps optimise budget allocation and utilisation of resources. 

Choose a buffet catering option

Seminar Participants Picking Up Food And Drink In Business Conference Meeting

Unlike plated meals where portion sizes are predetermined, buffet catering allows attendees to serve themselves according to their preferences and appetites. With this option, guests can only take what they can eat, which lowers the possibility of leftovers being thrown away. Additionally, buffet setups offer greater visibility of food served, enabling attendees to pick and choose from a variety without filling their plate excessively. Through opting for buffet catering, organisers can leverage on the caterer’s expertise, ensuring that delectable recommendations are featured and portions are ample to accommodate all guests, including those at the back of the line.

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Utilise utensils or food for recycling

Food Donations and Helping The Hungry

Instead of tossing out unused utensils and leftover food, why not give them a new lease of life? Consider using biodegradable or compostable utensils and servingware, which can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, breaking down naturally without causing harm to the environment. Similarly, don’t overlook the potential of leftover food. Rather than letting it go to waste, explore opportunities to recycle it into valuable resources such as furniture or fertiliser by collaborating with local organisations or composting facilities. Doing so can ensure surplus food is repurposed effectively, diverting it from landfills and contributing to sustainability efforts. 

Remember, every little bit counts when it comes to reducing food waste – with these steps, you’re not only being kinder to the planet but also setting a commendable example for businesses to follow.

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